What is the Soonaverse?


The Soonaverse (https://soonaverse.com/home/) is a platform for communities to create and manage decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), NFTs, projects, companies, and markets, on the feeless infrastructure of the Shimmer network. Any organization can launch and trade liquid assets through the Marketplace, Launchpad, and Token Exchange products.

A flourishing crypto ecosystem is built on top of reliable infrastructure. The Soonaverse provides an intuitive platform that allows anybody in the world to easily manage their communities and the digital assets they create. Those digital assets then become fully liquid through various marketplaces seamlessly woven into one simple user experience.

The Soonaverse is a hybrid of feeless core modules and fee-based service modules. The feeless core modules are based on the IOTA and Shimmer L1 protocols and create a strong foundation for the entire platform. These can be accessed through the staking of the SOON token. Service modules are then stacked on top to provide additional experiences and increase the developer community.

This all-in-one approach offers an unrivaled level of performance and empowerment, built on the feeless infrastructure of the IOTA and Shimmer networks.

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