NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace utilizes stable and consistent architecture that blends centralized and decentralized technologies to deliver NFT based funding and trading on the Shimmer L1.

We have delivered three new and essential pieces to make Soonaverse Spaces more useful and successful for our members:

  1. NFT Builder β€” Guardians and other artists can create NFTs and make them available for sale (Available file types for NFTs: jpg, jpeg, png, webp, and mp4. The limit for each file is 100 MB.).

  2. NFT Marketplace β€” Browse existing NFTs to purchase immediately, or make offers for others that aren’t listed for sale.

  3. Mint β€” Seamlessly migrate your NFTs to the Shimmer network.

Users can withdrawal NFTs on the Soonaverse to Shimmer after purchasing. The same is true when they'd like to sell. The user deposits their Shimmer NFT to the Soonaverse where they can list it for sale. Deposits can also happen simply because the user would like to showcase their NFT on their Soonaverse profile.

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