Making an Award

An award is simply a combination of a badge with tokens that is tied to the completion of a specific task, bounty, action etc.

Badges and tokens can be rewarded to a contributor upon fulfillment of an assignment. The badge is a custom locked native Shimmer NFT and the tokens can be anything from $SMR to your native token of choice.

To make an award for your space, go to the "Awards" tab inside your space:

From there, click the "+ New award" button:

Fill in all the fields and then click the "Create award" button:

Some quick things to note:

  1. You must choose a token to fund the award with. This can be a widely used token like $SMR, a popular native token like $SOON, or even a native token that your space created.

  2. You decide how many badges you want to give away, as well as how many tokens are awarded to the participant who receives a badge. So if a user gets a badge, they also get X amount of tokens (e.g. 50 TUT tokens).

  3. You no longer have to stick with the predetermined badge icons. You can now upload any jpeg/png/webp to make your badge more unique.

  4. The lock duration is configurable and only applies to the badge itself (and not the tokens). In the example above we made a 360 month lock, so only the user who accomplished the task will be able to display and use this badge and won't be able to send it to another user.

After that you (or another Guardian) will click the "Fund Award" button or the "Reject Award" button:

If we click "Fund Award", we will be prompted to use deeplink and send the total amount of tokens outlined in the award to a unique address. Since I'm logged into Firefly, I'll click the Firefly button:

Click "Confirm" in Firefly and type in your password to send the tokens:

The message "This transaction contains a surplus amount. Please double check this is the amount you want to send." is happening because the deeplink is, in the background, asking for additional SMR to be sent to cover the storage deposits for the individual badge NFTs (see Surplus glow amount).

Click "Finish Mint" in the Soonaverse:

And just like that, someone can now participate in your award!

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