Creating a Token

1) As always, to do anything on the Soonaverse you'll need to first set up a profile. This can be accomplished by Installing MetaMask, Setting Up Your Profile, and Verifying your Wallets.

2) If your project doesn't have a space already, then you'll need to create one. To do that you can follow these instructions: Building a Space.

3) After you have your space all set up, you can click the "Create new" dropdown and choose "Token":

4) If you plan on selling your tokens to the public via the Token Launchpad, then you will need to fill out the form by clicking the "Begin Process" button (if not then just click "Continue"):

5) On the "Metrics" page you fill out all information related to your token, including:

  • Token Name

  • Token Symbol (Ticker)

  • The space that the token is linked to

  • Token icon (needs to be an uploaded jpeg/png)

  • Price per token at launch

  • Total token supply (up to 6 decimal places are supported)

  • Token allocations

  • Token terms and conditions

Here's a sample of a completed metrics page (Please note: The "Public sale" checkbox is checked for the Launchpad allocation because we're going to sell those tokens via the Token Launchpad):

6) On the "Overview" page you can fill out the long and short descriptions, upload graphics, and provide users with useful links that relate to your project:

7) On the "Summary" page you can review all the information to double check that it's accurate. Once you're finished you click the "Submit token" button at the bottom of the page and it'll go into the queue to be approved!

  • Once approved you can begin doing airdrops and scheduling the public sale.

  • You will have the ability to mint your token on the Shimmer network either before or after your token sale.

If you have any questions then please reach out in the #community-support channel in the Soonaverse Discord.

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