A Space is an interactive community hub on the Soonaverse where members who are interested in working toward a common goal can get together and organize themselves. This can start as a simple project with the option to evolve into a DAO.

The recent additions of the NFT Marketplace and DAO Token Deployment provides new functionality to allow DAOs, projects, and individual creators to sell NFTs via Collections and tokens within a Space.

Members can join a space, discuss topics, build and vote on proposals, reward fellow members for tasks completed and their contributions to the group. Spaces can be public or private.

When an NFT collection or token is minted, the Soonaverse will set, on Shimmer, all the Guardians as the governors of the token or collection. All of the guardians within the space will be the state controllers and governors. They will have the full control of all tokens and collections. This means you should choose your guardians very carefully.

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