Token Distribution

The distribution of the fixed 100,000,000 SOON supply is as follows:

Launchpad: Fairly distribute tokens to the public. All these funds will be used to continue the growth of the Soonaverse.

CEX Liquidity: Engage with a market maker to ensure the SOON token is completely liquid across all centralized exchanges it’s listed on.

Core Contributors: These tokens are allocated for the founding team and other critical team members.

Treasury: This will be staked and revenue generated through SPDRs will be used to fund future development costs and third party service modules.

Community Adoption Incentives: 10% of the token supply will be airdropped to all SoonLabs Genesis NFT holders. The remaining 30% will be used to reward stakers and liquidity providers over a period of 3 years. Staking will begin once smart contracts are live.

Of the 20% allocated to core contributors, only 15% goes to the founding team. The other 5% has been and will continue to be allocated to early contributors of the Soonaverse. This core contributor allocation is subject to a one year lock up period (starting on June 14th, 2022) followed up by a one year linear vesting period.

During this lockup time the core contributor tokens will be staked, but with limitations. These staked tokens can only receive SPDRs and not token emissions from the 30% Community Adoption Incentives allocation.

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