In the Soonaverse, voting is free and securely on-chain.

Proposals enable members of a space to contribute ideas that will guide the project forward. These proposals are authored by member(s), approved by Guardians, and then voted on by members of that Space.

What's more is that the creator of the proposal has more options than just one member = one vote. This is one of the scenarios where the Reputation Ledger comes into play. You have the following voting types on Proposals:

  • Member - One Vote: Each member of the space gets one vote.

  • XP Reputation - Space: Votes are weighted based on total amount of XP a member has in the space.

  • XP Reputation - Selected Badges: Votes are weighted based on total amount of XP a member has for selected badges.

Right now the voting system is in a centralized state, but in the future it will run on the IOTA and Shimmer networks.

Unlike traditional on-chain voting systems, our voting module will utilize the Tangle for feeless voting and will allow for more innovative voting structures. The module will initially be based on token holdings, but we will include more options as the technology progresses.

This new type of feeless voting will utilize the Hornet participation plugin, and we're working with the IOTA Foundation to deliver this.

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