Verifying your Wallets

With the new L1 Token Exchange and NFT Marketplace, you will be able to connect an IOTA and/or Shimmer address to your Space or Profile to allow you to buy and sell tokens and NFTs.

Here's a brief walkthrough video for verifying just your IOTA wallet:

All you need to do to verify your IOTA/Shimmer address is follow these 3 easy steps:

*It should be noted that the tutorial below is just for verifying your IOTA address. You will most likely want to verify your Shimmer address as well. The process is very similar.

  1. Click to start the Wallet verification and sign it with your MetaMask account

2. A verification address and amount will be created.

3. Simply send the small amount of IOTA to that address and you’re done!

Once the verification is done, the amount will be returned to your wallet. Remember that you will need to re-stake your wallet balance, if necessary, once the amount is returned.

That's it! Get ready to trade some tokens and NFTs in the Soonaverse!

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