Token Launchpad

The Token Launchpad uses the Soonaverse to distribute new tokens and raise liquidity for projects. It enables projects to quickly enter production and initiate token launches without much start-up capital. This ability to discover and fund the latest upcoming cryptocurrency projects by buying their tokens at a special pre-sales price before it enters the market is a key attribute of the Token Launchpad. After the pre-sale, pre-allocated tokens will become available on the Soonaverse Exchange and also have the ability to easily integrate with a network of trusted DEX partners to enable investors and traders to freely trade immediately after the fundraising round.

As a customizable token marketplace, the Token Launchpad will enable projects to control bidding and pricing strategies, token distribution and vesting, price evaluation triggers, price discovery, final and real-time settlement, and lock up timings. Building on the IOTA and Shimmer protocols provides projects with a new novel multi-asset ledger that runs on the feeless, secure, immutable Tangle.

To learn more visit: Token Launchpad.

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