Participating in an Award

Participating in awards is a cornerstone of being a great community member for spaces on the Soonaverse. Here's a quick tutorial that will teach you how to participate in an award:

First, you'll want to find your way to a space you're a part of that has an active award (usually teams will post about these awards on other social media like Discord and Twitter so you don't miss it). Click anywhere on the active award to go into it:

You can see from the Award Description that if I want this badge and XP, then all I need to do is give the SoonLab's team my opinion on what I believe their #1 priority should be over the next month. I believe I can accomplish this, so I'll click the "Participate" button:

If the award had something to do with development, content creation, etc. then you could give your contact information or a link to your work in this text box. But since this award only needed my opinion, I was able to type everything in the box. After that I clicked the "Submit" button:

Once the Guardian of the space approves my submission, I'll be able to see my new badge and XP in my profile!

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