Minting NFTs on Shimmer

Our guardians of the space that create the NFT collection have the power to mint the NFTs on the Shimmer network.

Minting can happen either before or after selling the NFT collection. The recommended process is to mint the collection after it's created but before the sale. But once again, it's all up to the creator.

The Shimmer network doesn't require any gas fees, but it does require storage deposits. Byte cost is a factor when minting an NFT collection. When you click "Mint Collection", we show the required SMR storage deposit. The number of NFTs in the collection and the associated metadata attached to them will determine the storage deposit amount.

The more metadata in the transaction, the bigger the storage deposit. Properties, stats, name, and description are stored as part of the NFT on Shimmer.

To mint your NFT collection on the Shimmer network, simply click the "Mint Collection" button:

After that, a pop up will appear and you'll choose the following options:

Sign with your MetaMask wallet. Then send the required amount of SMR for the storage deposit to the address listed in the following screen.

After that, the minting process will begin! Depending on the size of your NFT collection, this process can take up to an hour.

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