Creating a Proposal

Proposals enable members of a space to contribute ideas that will guide the project forward. These proposals are authored by member(s) and then voted on by members of that Space.

Voting can be configured by the author(s) to limit or control who can participate in a vote based on their badges and reputation. If the vote is passed, the space will implement the change or initiative outlined in the proposal.

To create the proposal for your space, simply go to the Proposals tab:

And choose "+ New proposal":

You'll see a lot of prompts that you can fill out. Here's an example of a completed proposal form ready to be created:

A few things to take note of on the image above:

There are three different types of voting:

  • All Guardians : Only guardians of the space can vote

  • All Members : All members of the space can vote

  • Space's Native Token : All token holders can vote

    • Both staked and unstaked tokens are eligible to vote when this option is selected. This token system works by tracking the wallet the user votes with and the voting weight is a function of both amount of tokens and time they were being used to vote. As an example, if the vote runs from Monday to Friday, and a user votes on Monday, if they don't spend any tokens until the vote ends on Friday, their vote will receive full weight. If they spend something halfway through the vote then they can always revote immediately after. This is similar to how SMR and ASMB staking was designed.

After you've reviewed everything, pressed the "Create Proposal" button, and signed the transaction in your MetaMask, you'll see the final review screen.

Here is where a Guardian can review and then either "Approve" or "Decline" the proposal to go to a vote. In this case one of the Guardian's will click "Approve" and then sign the transaction in MetaMask:

The proposal is approved and now it's just waiting to get started. As you can see, voting will start in 3 days:

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